Train Like an Eagle

Are you serious about building the most successful business that you can? Are you ready to achieve all your dreams? Then, becoming an Eagle Manager in 2019 must be on your radar! 

The best part about Eagle Manager's Retreat 2019 is that Eagles have options - choose to travel to Dallas, Texas to experience the operations of Forever at Aloe Vera of America or visit the tropical resort of Pattaya, Thailand. Either way, both destinations will treat our Eagle Managers to intensive business training and networking opportunities.

What is Eagle Manager? 

The Eagle Manager Incentive is a business opportunity for those who are dedicated to building their business and helping others look and feel better. The benefits to being an Eagle Manager are what it does to your business, allowing you to earn higher monthly bonus checks, greater profit on retail and Novus customers, advanced training, recognition of accomplishments and of course, a ticket to Eagle Manager's Retreat. 

The qualification period for Eagle Manager 2019 runs from May 1, 2018 - April 30th 2019. To qualify, you must be 4CC Active and Leadership Bonus qualified every month, in addition to accumulating 720 total CCs, including 100 CCs from new, personally sponsored downlines.  

We want to help YOU become an Eagle!

Train Like an Eagle with Forever North America on monthly calls is specifically designed to help you, our North American FBOs achieve Eagle Manager in 2019. This is a tool that will provide you with more knowledge on what it takes to develop a consistent business that will get you to qualification. 

To stay on track each month, the training will guide you to building a business that does 50CCs each month, of which 5 are new. If you do this, you may not only be recognized this time next year for being an Eagle, but you could also find yourself getting recognized on our monthly training calls. 

Training will be in both English and Spanish, and focus on topics that can help move Supervisors to Managers and above! Speakers include Garin Breinholt, Vice President of The Americas, Bill Lewis, Director of Special Projects, and Cynthia Hampton, Executive Sales Director of the United States. These trainings will be packed with valuable tips and information to help you soar and motivate you for the long haul.

Sign up today to make sure you have all the information and tools you need to be an Eagle in 2019! Remember, the power of becoming an Eagle is what it does for your business! 

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